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Narc-K and the politics of arrogance

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Without the mandate of public support, and without legitimacy in the eyes of Kenyans the advisors of President Mwai Kibaki are simply but mistakenly pretending that such situations do not matter.

It is surprising how fast power can corrupt people. Just before the 2002 general elections in Kenya, the leaders of the original NARC seemed to understand the importance of public support and they worked hard to gain it. It gave them the desire and opportunity to interact with religious, political and business leaders whose decisions and actions impact on all humanity. It was amazing to feel and see the warmth, friendship and the spirit of solidarity with which they were received everywhere they went. In all the interactions, the leaders spoke about the challenges, the needs and hopes of the Kenyan people and those of the peoples of the rest of Africa.. They talked about Africa’s pursuit of an equitable partnership with the developed world, convinced that it is in the material interest of the developed countries themselves to help create an Africa free of war, poverty and underdevelopment.

A lot of credit was given to President Kibaki because he was viewed as the gentleman who was willing to sit down with all people, his enemies included, and reach a consensus on crucial issues that would have brought down the coalition. Today, President Kibaki seems to be a totally different man. The question that boggles the minds of many is, “Have the walls of power and the prestige that comes with occupying the state house totally blinded the eyes of our leader?”Even his lieutenants in the NARC-Kenya party appear to be in a dilemma as to what to do now when ODM-Kenya seems rather firm and poised to take over the parliamentary seats in most provinces in the coming elections.

There is one simple but humbling strategy that could save President Kibaki and give NARC-K some gains in the eyes of the public. The President and his government should be willing to organize a national reconciliation congress which will address the issue of a new constitution for Kenyans. This is the most important issue for us, because all the other steps of national development depend on the success of this congress. We are expecting the government will call all the stakeholders for this discussion for reconciliation, including the civil society, the businessmen,religious leaders, the women’s groups, the youth and all political parties. We are expecting that this will take place in the right place, with the involvement of the international community. It is prudent that the President establishes an advisory committee to lay the groundwork for the success of this meeting. I am positive that ODM-Kenya and all the major stakeholders are willing to work closely with the government to organize the meeting for their own “resurrection” and survival.

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Here is how Kombo and Ford-K will lose


I am a registered voter and resident of Cherangany as well as an ardent and active supporter of Ford-Kenya.

However, I am concerned by recent developments in the party’s Cherangany branch.

An aspirant for the constituency’s seat on the party’s ticket has allegedly compromised some of the branch’s current senior officials to ensure that he gets the ticket he needs ahead of the 2007 General Elections.

The aspirant, a well-moneyed person by most standards, has also reportedly warmed his way into the heart of the Ford-Kenya head office for the same purpose, thus  making nonsense of the party’s constitution and the elections held last year, in which his allies lost resoundingly.

Apart from greasing the palms of some of the key Cherangany branch officials, the increasingly unpopular aspirant has also reportedly paid some rent for the branch office and intends to equip it with some facilities.

Interestingly, word is that he has been organizing for Ford-K national Chairman Hon. Musikari Kombo to not only come and open the refurbished office, but also lunch at his home afterwards.

All this obviously raises serious integrity and credibility issues on the part of many Ford-K officials in Cherangany as well as the head office.


1.  What is Ford-Kenya’s policy on credible candidates, but who cannot buy their way into the party’s nominations so early in the race?

2.  What assurances can there be that the party’s nominations are going to be free and fair in the end?

The one thing the Ford-K head office must realize this early is that it in condoning what is unfolding in Cherangany, it has already set itself on a path towards a disastrous loss in this year’s elections.

And nothing short of barring the aspirant in question is going to stop the looming loss. 

February 27, 2007 at 9:51 am 2 comments

Personal statement by Stanley Livondo

I wish to convey my sincere condolences to the family, relatives and friends of the late Felix Ambani, who died on 19th February 2007 in a tragic road traffic accident involving one of the vehicles that had earlier been part of my convoy in Ikolomani constituency on the same day.

In that regard, I wish to express my full solidarity with the family at this moment of grief.

I know the pain and grief which the family is undergoing as a result of the sudden loss of their beloved one.

I pray to the Almighty God to give the family the necessary fortitude and guidance at this hour of grief.


My activities in Ikolomani constituency are motivated by my sincere desire to participate in the initiation and completion of development projects that will improve the socio-economic lives of our people.

In line with that, I have recently participated in the completion of the following projects:

  • Construction of houses for Administration Police at Shimanjiro Camp, with a view to boosting security in the area.
  • Payment for electricity supply to Shiseso Catholic Church.Payment for electricity supply to Bushiangala Church of God.
  • Payment for electricity supply to Bushiangala Catholic Church.
  • Payment for electricity supply to Bushiangala Technical Institute.
  •  Payment of fees for needy students at Bushiangala Technical Institute; and
  • Payment of school fees for 30 needy students in various schools in the constituency.

In addition, I have committed myself to ensure completion of the following ongoing projects:

  • Drilling of community water boreholes for supply of clean water throughout the constituency.
  • Rehabilitation of various cattle dips.
  • Rehabilitation of various primary schools in the constituency.
  • Construction of libraries in various secondary and primary schools.
  • Construction of various Churches.
  • Acquisition of school transport (buses) for various schools in the constituency.
  • Supporting various women and youth projects.
  • Rehabilitation of our dilapidated road network.

In consultation with other leaders and people of Ikolomani, I have lined up many other projects for the next 10 years.

I will give finer details when I release my vision statement and full 10 year development programme later in the year.

I wish to appeal to all leaders who mean well for the people of Ikolomani to pull together in initiating and completing similar programmes.

In particular, I appeal to a particular section of political leadership, which has recently resorted to name calling and political mudslinging, to re-direct their energies towards participation in projects that will improve the lives of our people.

It is imperative to mention that due to the numerous development events I am called upon to attend in Western Province on a single day, I have occasionaly had to use a helicopter to attend all the functions on schedule.

My political detractors are using this to malign me.

However, this will not deter me from accomplishing the wishes of the people of Western Kenya, and more so Ikolomani.

Once again I say pole to the family of the late felix and call upon those out to politicize this unfortunate road accident to desist, for only God gives and takes.



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How will you fulfill your promises?

Source:  Kenyan Analyst


I wish you all the best in your ventures.

It is to the best of all those that you wish to represent that you at least name or describe your personality and achievements you have made so far.

I am not going to discourage you but they say if wishes were horses beggars would ride too.

Most of Us, Kenyans have wishes and no resources, what you should have described or talked of should have been ways on how you are going to create resources to achieve your goals.

I will do this and that is not enough.

There are so many examples of these kinds of wishes that have been pledged by many but have not seen the light of the day.

Talks and talks and talks.
Tell us what you have achieved so far and how you achieved it and then we shall reconsider.

Take care and don’t be offended.

It is only that I am tired of this kind of promises.

February 18, 2007 at 7:55 pm 6 comments

Okemo, here I come!

By GERALD BARAZA in Grand Rapids, Michigan, USA

I respect Hon.Chrisanthus Okemo very much. I appreciate his personal,local and national achievements. I admire him for his vision, tenacity and courage to face challenges both on the local and national level. It is my prayer that the Lord’s will may be done in the 2007 elections. On the other hand, I wish to use this forum to announce that, God-willing, I plan to vie for the Nambale seat in 2012. This is a summary of my vision for the Nambale constituency as from 2012:

Three Key Ideas:
1. The Principle of subsidiarity: Tasks that can be efficiently accomplished by private individuals or small groups should not be usurped by higher bodies, least of all by an all-powerful government.
2 The Principle of solidarity: Individual members of society must always seek ways to promote the common good in their private decisions and actions.
3. The Principle of Common Good: Not the greatest good for the greatest number, but a social or juridical order that enables each member of the society to seek his or her fullest development in all aspects of life.

The How of these Principles: How will they be implemented?
1. The Nambale University: This University is going to create a proper and valuable empowering and investment opportunity for the growth and survival of the local people.
2. The Nambale Global Network: This body will be composed of elected people from the local community and friends from the developed world. Its duty will be to foster cooperation with the global individuals and bodies in enhancing the fulfillment of the Organization’s objectives with special emphasis on assisting the people of Nambale to achieve expected and respected strength in education, health, and socio-economics.
3. The Nambale Elders’ Council: This body will be composed of an elected elder from every sub-location. The elders will collect the views and needs of the local people and present them to the area M.P. The area M.P will meet with this body once every month to discuss their views and needs with the aim of finding solutions to the same. Positive results will be emphasized.

I have the will, the ability and the opportunity to accomplish all these things with your assistance. Thank you.

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Balebe, nakhauya…

Naba ano … nono ndi ano … rera nilyo oli nalyo khulosye ne khukanakanila alala.

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